Computer Mouse Inventor “Douglas Engelbart” Passes Away

Posted on Jul 4 2013 - 11:22am by Momina Imran

The computer mouse has been a companion to all those who have operated a computer over about the past twenty years. Buying a computer is not complete unless you get a mouse with it. Today, it comes with every computer sold and it seems impossible to operate windows, play games, manage software and interact with any of the computers without a mouse as a means of control. Even now, you might be using a mouse to access this very article unless you are using a mobile device.

World's First MouseThe news we have here is regarding the sad demise of the inventor of this useful device. SRI reported the death of Douglas Engelbart in his home. Some interesting facts about his invention, the mouse, are still unknown to the masses like the fact that Engelbart wished to name the mouse an “x-y position indicator”. He succeeded in getting a patent for his device but the name we have for it today remained when another engineer devised ‘mouse’ as a name for it. Imagine calling it a “xypi” instead! Nonetheless, you might like to watch the video series of his mouse demonstrations  that were a major breakthrough 40 years back.

The mouse is not his only achievement in fact, Engelbart worked on many research projects. He was the engineer behind ARC (Augmentation Research Center) by SRI that became the second node on ARPANET. A number of technologies including multiple windows, display editing, context sensitive help etc. Are developed due to his ingenuity. If it wasn’t for him, things would not have developed in technology as we see today. He will be deeply missed. His wife and four children survive him.

Source: SRI