FileDesk Is An OS X File Manager With Tabbed Browsing and Bookmarks


Searching for the OS X is pretty much good enough file browser for most of the users, and carries much term and some features as compare to the windows 8 file explorer. For those who keep thrust for some more, here is some XtraFinder add for those guys. Though you are much interested in the third party file browser rather than the simple add on app like that of Xtrafinder, FileDesk Lite is freely available Mac app which is easily searched out at the  Mac store proved itself as a much better and good alternative choice. FileDesk LITe is an easy and tabbed app with a tap button on the launch pad. The tabbed browsing app has many more advantages like it has a very easy quitting option and also restores when restores it.  Bookmarking the folder and the complete list of bookmarked folders options are also a part of this app. For quick access you can also add new folders. Renaming, resizing, and labeling options can also be easily done. SHOW ENCLOSING FOLDER shows you about all the parent folders and it also shows you the files and folders.

FileDeskLite can be operated in a single windows and can browser by single tab. You can also access the different tabs, launch different folders. It will ask you about the permission that either you allow reading / writing the disk. It also supports the shortcut keys like you used in the finder. In the top toolbar, there are   shortcuts to open a folder, preview it or launch a new tab.

FileDesk Lite

Folder can be dragged and dropped easily. By double clicking to any folder then it will open on the same tab but if you want to hold it  press option key will hold it and open on the new tab. Tabs can be dragged in the same way as it is done with the web browsers. If you are dealing with a large number of images, hold them and then press space the browser will open it new window view.

FileDesk LIte Images

The left bar is subdivided into 2 more tabs, one for the bookmarks and second for the Folders. Bookmarks will make the access easier for you and open all the related bookmarks also. The folder tab shows you the list of all folders. You can easily move, drag, drop any file, folder from one tab to another tab. FileDesk Lite doesn’t allows to hide your files by default by you can customized the visibility of apps preferences.

FileDeskLite preferences

FileDesk also offer a path bar which offers a simple breadcrumbs like navigator through which you can double click any bar to easily open it. It’s not that too much impressive. For browsing files and easy to click context menu. One must say that for browsing files and managing folders it is the much simple and best app.