Get Multiple Virtual Desktops On Windows RT Tablets With VirtuaWin


Virtual Pc’s offer you to enjoy and work with the multiple workplaces even investing any single penny on some extra monitors. If  you feel annoying and you feel you get distracted by the multiple apps which open on your PC, the Virtual desktops is there for you to help you in this matter and offer you some extra customizations so that similar and workable apps will be put in virtual screen together.  This virtual PC helps you in many ways and also prevents you from the distractions created by the opening of different apps, it also helps you to save your time from maximizing and minimizing the apps and increase your productivity time. As we all are familiar with the Windows 8 working which does not support x86 apps and a very beneficial tool which cannot be installed into the RT devices. But for some extend, some developers out there have workaround and make some apps. VirtuaWin is the one to same member of this type of app and it is customized to run especially on the jailbroken devices. It is a desktop manager which helps you to enjoy the benefits of multiple users and increases the real state of your desktop’s screen.

Windows RT devices

Initially you need a desktop with a necessary condition that it should be jailbroken. Because of the Microsoft issue that it doesn’t allow you to use and load the third-party desktop app by default for the RT devices. If you haven’t installed the jailbroken, here are some simple guide points.

Secondly you have to download the ZIP file of customized version of VirtuaWin. Unzip it and unzip the folder with the named headings as Unpacker, then just simply run the VirtuaWin file to start the manager.

The app will appear on the tray portion of the system and one can easily access this by right clicking the tray icon.

VirtuaWin Rt tray

Now next step is to select setup and then move to the configuration setup. It offers you to have some customizations, like hotkeys, mouse options, and some further advanced settings to tweak your Virtual desktop’s devices.

VirtuaWin -setup

Hotkeys can be adjusted easily in switching between multiple desktops if you are a tablet attached with your keyboard. VirtuaWin is a free and open-secured source apps, and the modified versions will work OK if you have a jailbroken windows RT.