How to Make the Font of the Title Bars Bigger in Windows 8


Now it’s time for some simple task, like to customize the size of Title bar. So if you feel annoying using the small icon, then this article is for you guys. For people with weak eyesight or any other issue with their eyes can’t see small fonts on their computer’s screen, by following this tutorial they can make their Windows 8 title bars font bigger than usual. So make your life easy and save your eyes from getting weak, because of default Windows 8 small font issue.

Tutorial to Make Windows 8 Title Bars Font Bigger

Windows 7 Libraries

Making the Title bar Font Bigger

Hit right on the Screen and Select the Personalize from the Menu.

Windows 7 Context menuAfter opening the Personalization menu, hit on the “Display” Link on the left side.

Display LinkThis will open the Title Bar Size Options.

Windows size Bar menuNow Select this and scroll down the Downward to choose the large size of the title.

Size changing menuSelect the size of your choice and hit apply.

Changing Text Size