How to Install a Virtualized Copy of Ubuntu in Windows 8


In our last sessions, we have discussed “how easily you can dual-boot your PC with Linux  but are you messing around with the partitions and have a wish for Linux, here is it:

Note: for those users who have installed the Hyper-V, now it’s the best time for your CPU supports SLAT and installs hyper-V.

Tutorial to Install a Virtualized Copy of Ubuntu in Windows 8

Creating a Ubuntu Virtual Machine in Hyper-V

From the Start Screen launch the Hyper-V console.

Hyper Virtual ConsoleFrom the action pane on the right side, choose the New and then move on to the Virtual Machine in the context menu.

Virtual machine context menuFor the first time users of Hyper-V, the screen will come, simply hit next and give a path to your virtual machine a name and hit again next.

Ubuntu naming menuNow make your own choice for the space you are going to allot to the virtual machine. For the best performance, at least select a memory of 1 GB.

memory selecting menuHaving a previously Network Connectivity, you may choose from the available list of the networks. Then press next.

networking menuFor the decent usage, choose the hard drive of VHDX type, which allows having a memory of 16TB. Now make a choice within the range and click next.

Virtual machine hard diskNow as for the ISO user, install the OS, turn of the radio button to the Image file and press the Browser button.

Installitions optionsNow select the Ubuntu ISO.

loading image menuWait for some time for the response of virtual machine after hitting on the finish button.

virtaul machine settings menuNow start the virtual machine by clicking on the Context menu.

virtaul machine stating menuThat’s all there is to it. You now have a running copy of Ubuntu in Windows.

running copy of ubuntu

Now that’s up. A copy of Ubuntu windows are used by you now. If you have any issues installing Ubuntu’s Linus virtualized copy on Windows 8, then let me know via comments.