How to Customize and Manually Start and Stop Automatic Maintenance in Windows 8


A new feature has been added in the Windows 8 that run the Scheduled daily maintenance of your system. These are basically the back door or background running features which included the security updater, scanning’s, Windows updater, disk defragments, system diagnostics, and many other tasks.

We will show you how you can change the automatic maintenance settings in Windows 8 and how you can start and stop the maintenance manually.

In this discussions we will show you how you can alter the automatically settings of Windows 8, how to start and how to stop.

Note: The automatic maintenance of can’t be turned off. It just changes from start to stop and vice versa.

Tutorial to Change and Manually Start/Stop Automatic Maintenance in Windows 8

Maintenance options menuTo open the maintenance settings, move to the bottom of the desktop to the start button. Move to the control panel. You can also use some Shortcut keys, like Win + D and Win + X to access this menu.

Note: some other method is also to access Windows Control Panel.

Control panel windows shows the Category Mode of the icon, choose either large or small icons.

selecting the size of iconNavigate to action center.

Control Panel action centerOn the action center, move to the maintenance section.

action center settings To customize any automatic settings, do it from the maintenance center.

maintenance settings windowsThese settings will permit you to choose the day to do some maintenance tasks, and it will be operational only if PC is not in use. You can also change the settings and start the maintenance tasks by waking up the computer at the planned time.

System will wake up the automatic maintenance will not have any effect on the Battery of the system. But if the PC is on the sleep mode, this maintenance work will turn on the PC and it will use the PC with maximum ability and will also use all the parts, after completing these tasks, the PC will again set to sleep mode.

Hit with ok to continue with the settings and move to Action Center.

Note: Maintenance Section needs to be launched again after done with the Action Center settings.

Automatic maintenance time settingsIf you want these settings to run manually, hit the maintenance.

starting maintenance manuallyA clock icon will appear in the Action Center Flag icon on the notification area, and it shows the message “maintenance in progress”.

Maintenance progress messagesDuring the process of maintenance, a link is available to stop the maintenance process.

Note: automatic maintenance will be easily stopped while it’s running.

stoping the maintenance Some more messages are appeared on the action display center, during the process of maintenance. To see only some specific messages, move to the Action Center Link.

change the action center settingsIn this link, many messages display check boxes are already marked. To choose the messages of certain type, mark the check boxes of those messages only and return to the Action center after accepting these settings.

action center display settingsHit on the X to close the Action Center on the top right corner of the screen.