Customer Power Forced Xbox One to have a U-Turn


Early on it was speculated that Sony and MS would attempt to stop the trading of games via authentication systems. And while the Japanese company slowly moved away from this route, Microsoft stood its ground and instead chose to highlight the benefits of such a system.

X-Box One

From a day on the Xbox one was envisioned as an all in one (hence the name) entertainment full stop for the living room thus leading the hardcore gamer community to doubt its next Gen-ness.

With E3 some game debuts were seen but mostly with the intention of curtailing the game trade. The internet comment backlash to this however has been huge and could be seen on each and every gamer site as consumer rights were infringed.

In response to this MS re thought and changed its scheme to the current gen way of things and also the ps4 price went down as the rise of the new console was hacked upon by angry consumers.

The idea of having just one device for all your living room needs is actually quite cool. I like the idea of being able to follow a football match on the side, while gaming in a screen-in-screen format. The compulsory purchase of Kinect is also something that can be understood given Microsoft’s ambitions of making the Xbox One a family device and eating into Wii’s market.

So as of now consumers will be have to be content with more of the same, just with much better graphics and the ability to share videos. If that’s what the customers want then surely that’s what they are getting now.

Source: Blogs.Idependent