Solution for iTunes Error 3194 while Restoring or Updating iOS


One of the most dangerous errors is the iTunes error 3194 not due to the reason there is no solution to counter it but due to the fact there are many solutions to this error and you have to apply combinations of these solutions in order to fix it.

If you are thinking to downgrade your iOS software from iOS 6 to iOS 5.1.1 or former, especially when you are dealing with a jailbreak phone, it is not a good idea and you will face many difficulties as Apple itself is not interested in the phones with downgrade software. Moreover, Apple’s support page isn’t helpful as well in this case.

Only a very few people won’t see any error popping up when they try to update or restore their phone. Users who usually do not attempt to repair or improve it in a casual way are the lucky ones who won’t see this error. For the rest, here is the way how you can solve this iTunes error 3194.

Tutorial to Fix iTunes Error 3194

Due to a simple problem with the hosts file this error would keep popping up during the update/upgrade of your firmware. These are the steps to solve this issue:

  • For Windows, go to C: /Windows/System32/drivers/etc/ and search for the file named “hosts”
  • For Mac, the file is in /etc/
  • Open this file using Notepad (or any other text editing application can be used for the purpose) (for Windows users, open this with Administrator Privileges)
  • Usually you’ll encounter this line at the bottom of the page:
  • Either comments this line out by typing a single ‘#’ (without the quotes) in front of the line (before 74) or remove the line entirely.
  • Once done, save the hosts file and then go for updating your iPhone through the iTunes.
  • Usually, the error should be removed by now.

Personally this never worked out for me but this might be due to the reason that I have my iPhone had been jailbreak many times, that’s when I use TinyUmbrella to fix this error.

Fixing iTunes Error 3194 for a Jailbroken iPhone using TinyUmbrella

TinyUmbrella is software that can help you out in fixing this error.

NOTE 1: This method (TinyUmbrella) is actually part of the 3194 error fix which requires the downgrading your iOS firmware. But my personal experience is positive in this case maybe because I had a jailbreak iPhone that was not restored to factory settings. Here are the steps how it works:

NOTE 2: If one is willing to downgrade his firmware, he/she will need to save SHSH blobs either to its local drive or on Cydia. At the moment, Cydia can save blobs up to 5.1.1; therefore, you are required to save SHSH blobs of your device (TinyUmbrella can also be used for the purpose).

  • Download the iOS firmware that you are planning to upgrade/downgrade your iPhone too. In my case, we went for iOS 6 from a jailbreak 5.1.1
  • Download TinyUmbrella
  • Connect your iPhone and close iTunes if it opens automatically.
  • Open TinyUmbrella, click on ‘Start TSS Server’
  • Place your iPhone in DFU (Here is  a quick guide)
  • Now, if you update your firmware, you need to press on Shift + Restore (win)/ Option + Restore (Mac) and point it to the iOS ipsw file you downloaded in step 1.
  • ITunes will restore it to the correct iOS firmware you wanted to, and update your iPhone to it.