iPhone 6 to Surface Soon: News and Design Concepts


We have already heard a lot about iPhone 5s coming as the next one in iPhone series, however, there are rumors circulating with equal speed about iPhone 6 coming out instead. There are already many assumptions and much information about this release.

Apple is rumored to have been working on further iPhone models including prototypes for the upcoming model to feature in 2013 but the company is also spending much energy on developing iPhone 6. It isn’t surprising Apple has decided to spend more along these lines since the giant sold 37.4 million iPhones in the last quarter alone.

Don’t expect to get your hands on this device coming fall but users who are not looking forward to iPhone 5s or those on contract with iPhone 5 till 2014 can wait for iPhone 6. Apple hardly ever comments on rumors releases but there have been enough proofs the company, following its tradition, is going to release an iPhone with an “S” to its name. That means an iPhone 6 won’t be unveiled till 2014 but Apple is indicating towards a larger screen and newer design.

iPhone 6 to release soonSo here we are left to wait for iPhone 6 release. In the meanwhile we can resort to the comments from known analysts who have been having words with a number of companies related to Apple’s supply chain. The companies are involved in manufacturing parts for iPhone series and leaks from these manufacturers give away news regarding iPhone 6 prototypes. Such rumors are never based on anything solid but hearing the same things from various sources does lead to concrete information.

Apart from numerous “Official iPhone 6 trailer” videos found on YouTube, there are still no images or videos releasing any information regarding its appearance. However, there are a number of concepts for iPhone 6 already on the web that give us insight into what iPhone 6 could look like along with features Apple could integrate with the new iPhone.

IPhone 6 Release Date

Without a doubt, one iPhone is going to make it to the markets this year whereas some are expecting Apple to entirely skip the idea of iPhone 5s and move straight ahead to iPhone 6 in 2013 which doesn’t look possible. Coming up with iPhone 5s first is rather intelligent on Apple’s part since it will keep the user content with their purchase for longer time and is in tune with the two-year contract offered by a majority of the carriers in the U.S.

The iPhone 6 was first mentioned in May when the name was seen in a list of devices as a 4G iPhone 6 in a carrier system in the UK. The only other information seen in front of the device name was a 12M which could have been anything like a placeholder for iPhone 5s and no hint Vodafone already has information on the iPhone 6 release.

Though there are a number of renowned analysts expecting iPhone 6 no earlier than 2014 but there has been no agreed speculation as to when the carriers and stores are going to receive iPhone 6 devices. Glen Yeung, Citi Research analyst, also expects the phone to be out in 2014 but he is pointing to quite an early release as soon as the first quarter. If this rumor is anywhere near true then the consumers might want to hold themselves back from getting an iPhone 5s. It will be a major shift in Apple’s iPhone release policy.

Another analyst, Peter Misek, famous with Jeffries commented iPhone 6 is not going to come out soon in 2014. According to him, June 2014 is likely the month for the release. As far as the Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, is concerned well he is sticking to iPhone 5s for comments and has yet to say anything about the iPhone 6 release.

Apple has a history of releasing their iPhones in set annual cycles along with new carrier announcements. In case of an early iPhone 6 release in the first three months of the year 2014, users with iPhone 5s might get angry leading to an issue with iPhone 5s success.

IPhone 6 Display

If all that we have heard till now is true, we will witness a bigger and better than anything till now screen in iPhone 6. Inside news is pouring in regarding an iPhone with larger display and with new Retina display for iPhone devices we might see an ever higher resolution for iPhone 6.

At AllThingsD conference, Tim cook commented upon Apple’s philosophies and not Apple’s plans. In defense of his earlier reservations regarding trade-off’s in bigger screens, Cook mentioned:

“In a hypothetical world where those tradeoffs didn’t exist, you could see that [a larger screen] being one of the things that differentiates.”

The video here shows the entire discussion where Tim discussed iPhone screen size plans and has no doubts regarding a market for bigger screen iPhones.

The rumors we are hearing about iPhone 6 are apparently truer for iPhone 5s as a report from Wei Feng Network unveiled Apple intends a Retina+ display for iPhone 5s. Resultantly, the pixels for iPhone 5s display will double. As mentioned earlier, this would lead to a road for a larger screen in iPhone 6. Even if iPhone 5s doesn’t come with a better resolution, something along the same lines is definitely going to be seen in iPhone 6. A similar report came out in December 2012 commenting upon iPhone 6 prototype with higher resolution and Retina+ display.

iPhone 6 displayLG has recently released its new technology with an HD Smartphone screen measuring 5.2 inches but only 2.2mm thick with a smaller bezel. Tim Cook’s reservations can be dealt with such a technology that makes it possible for devices to have bright screens yet have thinner and larger displays.

Apple isn’t particularly a company to readily adopt new alterations but 2014 is definitely going to bring a larger display in iPhone. iOS 7 release paves way to support a larger screen better in iPhone 6. Apple is making slight changes with iOS 7 to cater to not only 2013 but many years following.

IPhone 6 Design

There are yet no images letting us know regarding the appearance of iPhone 6 but some rumors tell us what design strategy we could expect out of iPhone 6. If talks about a large screen are true that might translate into thinner overall design allowing Apple to keep the size of the device in mind. Another report about the next iPhone lacking home button also supports an iPhone 6 design with an even bigger screen.

There hasn’t been any news regarding a waterproof iPhone 6 feature but this is something Apple can be expected to add to the 2014 iPhone edition. Sony and Samsung have already shown with their waterproof devices that phones need not be large and heavy to sustain a dip in the water. This issue, if resolved, could lead to major cut downs in repairs if added in iPhone 6. Numerous iPhone 6 concepts are out on the web based on Apple’s rumors showing us what the latest upcoming release could look like.

IPhone 6 Features

In addition to new design and a larger screen look forward to newer features. These rumors are a combination of sources: leaks, iOS 7, other Apple products and of course, wishful thinking. For more security, Apple might add a fingerprint reader in iPhone 5s but it is not yet confirmed. If you see it in iPhone 5s, it will become a signature iPhone feature but if it’s not seen in iPhone 5s, look for it in iPhone 6.

WI-Fi is another feature Apple is quite serious about. With Apple intending faster WI-Fi in its devices, we might see 802.11ac WiFi as a major Apple feature in iPhone series. As far as storage is concerned, iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 might offer more than 64GB storage as the company has already offered an iPad with 128GB.

Apple might not take the NFC support path this time since the introduction of AirDrop in iOS 7 and payment system using barcodes have changed the course. With iPhone launches, look forward to more solid news regarding iPhone 6 as iPhone 5s is officially released. The first rumor about iPhone 5s surfaced as soon as the iPhone 5 was announced in 2012.

Source: gottabemobile