iPhone 5S To Ship With a 13-Megapixel Camera From Sony


We are struck our self and making us believe on many rumors pertaining to the Next generation iPhone, also dubbed as the “iPhone 5S”, and iLounge even adding more to the mixer of it. The next generation most talked iPhone 5S has the best of all the processor since ever made, but the key factor which creates more interest in this iPhone  will be having a 13-Megapixel sensor camera fitted from the Sony.

iPhone having the best snapper not only define the class of business but also tells us the whole story of Megapixels and its performance, there must a story of intent if Apple makes such a important Leap. Mostly named as Fruit Company, the iconic smartphone range and making a decent shot from its ability and rumors about the 13-megapixel camera is not so easily acceptable right now, but the information that comes from the Prototype of the iLounge stems.

iPhone 5s 13-Megapixel Camera

The initial names of such prototypes are N51& N53, and with many millions reports from last couple of months, iLounge bear out the notion of the 5S’s physical form factor that taking the same shape of that iPhone 5.

The recent model of iPhone shows that it has a much better camera then that of its predecessor, especially that of the having common issue of lack of light. Now song is supplying the new things, and more safely this time improvement is more obvious. But still with the day by day improvement and with the technology news we will update you guys with nay new improvement.

Now here is news after this shocking iPhone 5s blast, some trustworthy sources on internet are saying that retina display will also be available in iPad mini. The new retina iPad will run in J72, and is a 5G iPad with a code name of J85. According to some sources iPad mini and iPhone 5s are going to be same in some features, but let’s see what will happen in real; just wait and watch.