Expected Date for iOS 7 Beta 6 Release, before GM version [Rumors]


Now that iOS 7 Beta 5 is out sooner than most of were expecting it, talks about Beta 6 have started to circulate around the web. Apparently, Apple has defied all views that thought things would be delayed from the company following the hacking event but nothing has stopped software releases from being on time. We have yet neither detailed information on the features included in iOS 7 Beta 5 nor do we know about the bug fixes yet but there is no major change expected from this 150MB download.

iOS 7 Beta 6It is almost impossible to speculate the release date for iOS 7 Beta 6 now as we had earlier guessed it to be August 26, two weeks following the earliest expected date of Beta 5 but that would be too near the GM release of iOS 7. One assumption is an August 19 Beta 6 launch followed by a GM version exactly two weeks later.

If the dates rumored are correct, then we should be expecting the final version of iOS 7 sometime around next month, most probably the same date as previous year’s iOS a 6 release on September 19. Another theory suggests a week’s delay in the final release which would bring it close to Apple’s latest iPhone 5S launch which might be out the coming fall.

What does iOS 7 Beta 6 has in store? We can hardly tell regarding the enhancements and features to be offered in iOS 7 Beta 6 as we have not fully tested the recently released Beta 6. The improvements in the current version are yet to be fully understood which will take some time.

There isn’t any concrete evidence suggesting another Beta release but most analysts have the view Apple might just push out one more Beta prior to the GM version and then the much awaited public release will surface.