How To Install and Run PSP Emulator On iPhone And iPad [Tutorial]


Lets launch the iOS App Store having the most known and successful Apps ever in top paid and free Apps for iOS devices by Apple. Established and independent game developers have given some excellent gaming and other Apps which have taken attention of almost all the Apple device`s users and have gifted gaming to a new level.

Games like Infinity Blade have shown what developers are very much in form to produce for iPhone and iPad users but what if someone want to enjoy the old school sony’s PSP gaming style instead of splendid 2d and 3d gaming.

Well where this is a will there is definitely a way and here is the way to install PSP Emulator on your iPhone & iPad, so let us introduce you to all new multi platform PPSSPP emulator that allows your Apple mobile and iPad to run PSP games . If you are a fan of PSP games and this eyebrow raising feature appeals you so continue reading this tutorial for step by step procedure to run this PSP Emulator.

Easy Tutorial to Install PSP Emulator On iPhone And iPad

Note: This Emulator requires Jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and is shall not work on old or unmodified versions of iOS.

Step 1: Run Cydia, before editing navigate to the Manage tab before selecting Sources. First select the Add button from the top left corner and enter the following third-party repository:

Step 2: Wait for the repository to refresh and bring in the hosted packages. Search for PPSSPP before selecting the one returned result and selecting install.

Step 3: When the installing has completed select the Return to Cydia option. Close Cydia and you will notice a new PPSSPP icon on the home screen of your device.

Step 4: Now you have to select the icon of PPSSPP, available on home screen and after selecting it emulator of PSP will turn on.

The installation of PPSSPP Emulator is there in a form of shell application meaning that your device has the capacity to run PSP games but does not have proper PSP ISOs. Now users will have to dump their specific desired games into their devices and turn them into ISO or CSO files. On the other hand there are some PSP game available online.

Putting .ISO or .CSO files onto the device

Step 1: The default directory that the emulator looks to for games on the jailbroken device is /var/mobile/Documents. This folder will be more than likely be initially empty and requires us to provide it with some game data.

Step 2: As PSP games are little heavier and are likely to be more than 450MB it will be recommended that copy them to your device using a wired connection and programs like iExplorer and cyberduck .Copying through wireless SSH is yet another option but that will be wasting too much of time as it will take way longer.

Step 3: Run the PPSSPP Emulator, select the Load… option from the right hand menu and then navigate to the directory where the file was copied in step 2. Launch and play and enjoy the game.