Capture Scheduled Screenshots of Multiple Displays with Click for OS X


Similar to all OS in today’s times, OS X is not behind in providing an integrated feature for capturing screenshots making the experience easier for users. Say you are not very content with the type of feature you have on your OS, still, you have a wide variety of options to choose from since many apps for taking screenshots are available online. One such app is Click for Mac users; a free screenshot utility that captures screenshots in the way other tools don’t. Click allows you to take scheduled screenshots running in the background and it includes support for a number of display modes. This app takes all screenshots for every display separately. Also, you have the option to alter the times these screenshots are taken. So, Click is your ultimate screenshot tool if you need to take times screenshots while playing some game or watching a video.

How to Capture Periodic Screenshots of Multiple Displays with Click for OS X

After installing the app, you need to run click in the background continuously to let it capture the scheduled screenshots. You can utilize the multiple options it offers you. You can even take a single screenshot by un-checking the ‘Automatic Screenshot’ option but that is something your integrated screenshot option can also achieve. One installed, launch Click and set the time duration for taking the screenshots, you may set any interval from 1 to 10 minutes. To include the second or more displays in Click, connect the display and check the option labeled ’Include Display 2’. Minimize the app when done and make sure you don’t close the app. When you wish the screenshots to start, just press Option+Command. It will take the first shot of the series and initiate the screenshot taking process.

click control panelTo let you know when exactly a screenshot is being captured, a ‘shutter ’ sound is produced each time but this option can be disabled in the ‘Sounds’ menu if it is annoying to you. Additionally, you won’t have to make these changes each time you launch Click since it remembers your preferences for future launches. Simple screenshots merely take whatever there is displayed on your screen Click however, lets you capture screenshots during a DVD play. In case of a non-satisfactory result use the recommended VLC player instead of your usual DVD player app.

Another quite useful thing about Click is it lets you take screenshots of your tutorials which is otherwise quite bothering since you have to stop at each point to take a shot. Periodic screenshots mean that you will obviously have a number of screenshots that you don’t require but those can always be deleted later on. To access these images, go to app’s folder in Documents.

It would have been better if click had a Menu Bar instead of a dock icon which is, frankly, quite pointless. Also, it is a lot easy to launch but stopping it isn’t as convenient. It requires you to close the app if you wish to end the screenshot capturing process. A Pause option is what it really lacks in order to suspend the process for a while and resume it at will.

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