How to use Copy, Cut & Paste Features in iPhone 5


The majority of the users complained about iPhone was its inability to support for copy and paste the text. The users were unable to cut, copy or past their texts in iPhone in its earlier versions because Apple had not included the feature of copy paste in iOS till iOS 3.0.

The users who did not watch demonstrate of Steve Job for copy paste, they will not be well versed how to make it effective for their iPhone. Below you will find a faster primer.

Select Text to Copy

Any app where you can highlight the text will let you copy its text and the app where you are allowed to use a virtual keyboard to type the text will let you do the same. When you are reading an article and you tap and keep holding for a while on that text, iPhone 5 will highlight it sky blue colored box. Two small blue circles can be noticed on the edges of the box. You can adjust the length of your desired text by using these circles.

CopyWhen the user taps and keeps holding any editable text for a while, such as if he does it with the email message he is composing, he will notice a magnifying loop to make the task of putting the cursor precisely easier than ever. The user needs to release the finger in order to view the menu options – “Select” and “Select All”. The user needs to select the option “Select” if he wants to select some specific words or paragraphs, but if he wants to select the whole text available, he needs to select the option “Select All”. The limitations of the selected text are marked by the blue circles mentioned above. These circles can be dragged around for the adjustment of your desired area of selected text.

NotesIf you want to zoom in or out the text, it can be done by tapping and dragging a blue circle around any specific word.

Zoom InPutting Copied Text

Once you have made the selection, you need to click the option “Copy” on editable text. Now move to the place where you need to paste it. Personally, I selected “Notes”.

PasteWhen you tap once in the field where you want to paste the text, you will see the option of “Paste” appears. You need to select it for pasting your copied text quickly.

By following the simple and easy technique of copy and paste, you will be an expert in using the taps necessary for editing the text. You need to double tap if you want to select a word and tap and keep its holding if you want to use the blue circles for adjustment of your text area selection and use the copy, Paste, Cut, Select All and Select options properly.