iOS 8 Concept: More Colors, Features & Customization Options

Posted on Sep 2 2013 - 4:04pm by admin

The users should keep in their minds the work showed to us by Vilim Pluzaric, i.e. The iPhone Mini and iOS 8 concepts. Substantially, he did this job with the renders of iOS 8 that can be seen in the images below. This latest and advanced iOS will bring you a great design and alluring colors, but the structure will be as same as the iOS 7 will have. So let’s have a bird’s eye view what this amazing iOS will bring for us.

iOS 8 ScreenThe app icons will be in the same shape, but the users will notice a touch of cool colors on the background. The Control Center in iOS 8 will also bring you some advanced features and the latest iOS 8 will give you more freedom to operate up to five applications for a quicker unlock. So, it becomes more attractive for the users. It brings the finest quality settings for brightness, the options for audio playback, AirPlay, AirDrop, volume setting options, Flash light, Search and connectivity options, etc. The users will enjoy more and more while operating this wonderful iOS 8.

iOS 8 with new featuresWhen you are talking about iOS 8 concept, you cannot ignore the importance of its Home screen. It will enable you to notice everything before it goes further to the related app. The application icons will be using dynamic 3D and parallax shades. Furthermore, the concept of iOS 8 explains that if you prefer a style for the appearance, you just need to apply the Appearance tool for its customization by opening the Control Center feature in iOS 8. It is undoubtedly a great advancement of the whole iOS a series.