BytaFont Allows you to set Desired Font in iPhone 5


BytaFont is an amazing app that can be used to change font on iPhone 5. It is absolutely free of cost and you can get it from Cydia for the customization of the font and even to select a font from a wide range of fonts.

change fontThis amazing app provides you a chance to use change fonts on your iOS device such as anĀ iPod Touch or iPhone using an iOS 4.0 or advanced.

You need a jailbroken iPhone if you intend to use BytaFont. You just need to visit Cydia and download BytaFont from here. Install the app in your system. The users should note that BytaFont is mere a font selection font. You will not find fonts in it. Instead of it, you will find it helpful in finding the fonts from Cydia font section and in downloading it.



Applying Fonts to Notes

Applying Fonts to KeyboardAfter downloading your required font, return to the home screen and open BytaFont. It has very simple interface and it shows the available fonts to you. You need to select your required font. Your iPhone will reboot automatically to apply the changes.

HomeScreen Font

Applying fonts to SettingsThe changes will be applied to the whole system of your iPhone 5. It means you will not be able to use this font style in only SMS, but also in Calendar, notes and in lock screen and home screen as well. The change of font will be applied to all of the apps you have currently installed on your iPhone 5.