How to Transfer Messages to HTC One Secure Box


The users of HTC One can find a wide range of options for their comfort and convenience. Sometimes you need to protect your personal data saved in the form of messages in your Smartphone from the people. You do not know how making it secure. Here the situation becomes very perplexing for you. HTC One brings a wonderful option for the users to avoid this kind of situation. HTC One designed by HTC offers a safe place to its users throughout the world that is known as “Secure Box“. It can be used to keep all of your personal messages to keep them safe and secure from the access of everyone. If you want to make your “Secure Box” more protected, you can set a password on it and if someone tries to access your “Secure Box” he needs to provide the required password. So HTC One provides you the features you need.

Secure Messages HTC OneSteps to Transfer Messages to HTC One Secure Box

You need to follow the steps given below to transfer messages to HTC One “Secure Box”.

Step 1: First you should go to the “Message” app in your Smartphone.

Step 2: Now you need to open its “Contacts list” that you use during messaging.

Step 3: Once you have opened the list, you need to select the contact number whose messages you want to transfer to “Secure Box”. Suppose I use to do messaging to bella, I would go to her contact number and the contact list and select her contact number to move all of the messages from bella to the “Secure Box”.

Step 4: Now click on the button with three squares. It shows that you want to perform the task of moving these messages.

Step 5: Now you will see the option “Move to Secure Box“. You need to select it.

Step 6: If you want to move only selected messages from your contact, you need to select these messages and if you want to move all of the messages from that contact, you do not need to follow this step.

Step 7: Now you will see the option “Move” that should be clicked in order to continue the process ahead.

Step 8: Now within some time all of your required personal data messages will be moved to the “Secure Box” of your HTC One.

Step 9: You need to go to the “Secure Box” now to check whether your messages exist there. When you go to it for the very first time, the system will ask you to set a password on it. You need to set a unique password that is not easy to recognize or guess for others.

Step 10: Once you have set a password to the “Secure Box” you need to press “OK” to finish this process.

Now all of your personal messages are protected from others and you will not find these messages in your Inbox in HTC One.