Unlock Galaxy Note 2 Bootloader With Casual, A Simple And Handy Tool For Windows And Linux [VIDEO]


All the Galaxy Note II owners who had it unlocked must have been annoyed to find it relocked when Verizon slipped in bootloader a week ago. Not to worry now that a new trick is out there through an easy to use CASUAL tool.

Thanks to the developer Ralekdev, the new exploit has its own way around Verizon’s patch. CASUAL works best with Windows and Linux, more with Linux since it will Auto-flash the exploit in it whereas Windows users will have to go back to Odin to enable CASUAL for the exploit. After it is rebooted quite a few times, the Galaxy Note II will start into recovery mode which is unbelievably easy to manage backups and esp. for flashing the device.

Unlock Galaxy Note 2 Bootloader With Casual

Unlock Galaxy Note 2 Bootloader

The updates that hit CASUAL recently add to its support for rooting various Android devices like Droid RAZR and Galaxy Note II in a user-friendly manner. The updates contain “kill switch” that can be utilized in a lot of situations. Also incorporated is an automatic updating system that works for both the application and the script. At an attempt of launching an old version of the script, this one will be automatically substituted by a newer revision before any change is made to the device.

CASUAL R1117 [Basic Hacking Tool]

This tool makes it extremely easy to unlock Samsung’s tablet, although the warranty will be annulled. But it is not a big thing as compared to the amount of freedom you get to customize your software. Obviously, Verizon will strike back with another patch real soon and so will another workaround. This is an unstoppable game.

Linux or Windows, no matter which of these you are using, there is everything available online for unlocking Galaxy Note II. Mac users will be disappointed to know there is not support as yet available in this release. Make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest Java. Enjoy the jailbreak!

Unlock Galaxy Note 2 Bootloader With Casual Youtube Video 1

Unlock Galaxy Note 2 Bootloader With Casual Youtube Video 2