Free Download Android USB Drivers on Windows For Samsung, LG, HTC, ASUS, Sony, Other Devices


Android and related projects are based on Linux technicalities. This being the sole reason why Androids and Associated Open Source Project (AOSP) are all compatible with all Linux-based operating systems without getting into additional settings. This is workable for all same base Linux and OS X systems. The story changes when we come to Microsoft Windows as the operating system. Here, everything is drivers based. For each hardware component that you add to your system regardless of the position of that component, you will need all its drivers properly installed and working. It means even the Android users will have to face the same affliction when working with Windows.

You might be thinking why you didn’t have to install these drivers for a number of your devices before. Mainly because the version of Windows you used provided most of the USB drivers itself from well-known Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Also, a generic driver would be enough for many Android devices since majority of them connect as USB (mass) storage mode. Alternatively, you might have gotten a PC suite on your computer for the Android device you connected, that would have installed all the necessary drivers. There can be more than one reason for why you didn’t have to go through a list of drivers to be installed before.

Download Android USB Drivers Samsung,LG,HTC,ASUS,Sony,Dell,Lenovo,Motorola on Windows

Things change if the mode you are connecting your Android device is USB debugging. For application development and customization of your Android device, this mode is mandatory. It is also the bridging mode for an ADB link from droid to computer. In such cases, the automated programs might not work in getting your device connect with your PC hence most OEMs give drive packages to work successfully with Windows setups.

Getting drivers is pretty straightforward. The actual concern is where to pinpoint these Android drivers. Users don’t usually need these drivers, thus, they are more difficult to find. There are a number of links given later in this article for Android USB drivers for Windows for famous OEMs including ADB and Fastboot.

Download Android USB Drivers

Note here that the links given do not mostly direct to the exact driver download that you may require for Android devices, leaving you to search for particular drivers for your model. Additionally, a Nexus series device will need a Google USB driver instead of a driver from manufacturer.

You may get fastboot drivers from XDA-Developers community in addition to the USB drivers given above.