How to Use Air Gesture on Galaxy S4


The Air Gesture is one of the coolest Smart features Galaxy S4 brings to its users, but some users have recently switched to this Smartphone from any other phone and they do not know how to use “Air Gesture” feature on Galaxy S4. Here is a complete guide for them to use this amazing feature.

Air Gesture FeatureWhat is Air Gesture?

Air Gesture is basically a wonderful feature that works with the help of a sensor that has been placed in the center on top of the screen of your Smartphone. The sensor works to identify a gesture you make even from the distance of up to 7 cm, but the gesture should be made at a normal speed to be identified. When the feature “Air Gesture” is activated, you will find its icon on the status bar that can be seen on the upper side of your screen.

Activate Air Gestures on Galaxy S4

  • You need to move to the “Settings” application.
  • Here, you should click the option “My Device”.
  • Now you need to scroll down the list and look for the “Motions and Gestures” option. Once you find the option, you need to click it.
  • You will see the option of “Air Gesture” that should be enabled.
  • Here, you will find five options. If you want to see the function of any option, you can click it.
  1. Quick Glance: Sometimes you have put your screen in off mode. In such a case, this feature gives you important information.
  2. Air Jump: This feature can be used if you want to scroll down or up the website pages in jumps of screen size.
  3. Air Browse: It is used if you want to go from one page, picture or mobile track to another one.
  4. Air Move: If you intend to move from S Planner to other shortcuts of the app, you can use this option.
  5. Air Call-accept: You can use this feature for accepting the incoming calls by waving your hand only.

Activate Air Gesture FeatureSo you see! How easy and convenient is to use an Air Gesture feature on Galaxy S4 for you. It can be activated in no time by following the above mentioned steps.